Welcome to El Toro Sportswear’s new partner, Gym Rat Performance Training! They offer a variety of programs in the Pittsburgh area including 1-1 sessions, small groups and camps throughout the year. Focused on cultivating athletes of all ability levels they are not a gym. Instead, they are dedicated to fulfilling each clients athletic, physique and performance goals.

Here is a nice testimonial about how they’re using SPEEDWRAPS!

“Gym Rat RAT PACK member Bryce Strati (2017 Shooting Guard – Beaver Fall) trying out the @eltorosportswear SPEEDWRAPS before a @gymratpt workout. Great reviews on the SPEEDWRAPS as they challenged Bryce to work harder as he was forced to go against the weight to operate his feet at the speed necessary for the offensive moves we were working on. We will definitely be using this great product going forward with Bryce and our other Gym Rat Trainees.”

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