About Us

Introduction and Background

  • SPEEDWRAPS were created in January 2014 with the goal of improving on the continued inefficiencies of traditional ankle weights
  • SPEEDWRAPS are an engineered training product designed specifically to safely improve an athlete’s speed, strength, agility & overall athletic performance.
  • Traditional ankle weights are loose fitting, bulky & rest on the ankle. Such placement and fit causes discomfort, muscle strain & possible ligament and tendon tear.
  • SPEEDWRAPS use an advanced compression material that fits comfortable & firmly around the lower leg. An interchangeable ergonomic weighted insert fits into the compression wrap & the weight is evenly dispersed between a knee and ankle.

Speed, Agility & StengthTraining

  • Such athletic training doesn’t need to involve heavy, bulky weights. Instead, a more balanced workout with the comfort and functionality of SPEEDWRAPS allow athletes to perform many repetitions while going through their usual training activities.
  • SPEEDWRAPS do not change the athletes running gait or put stress on the knee and ankle while increasing the mobility, range of motion and quickness.

Out with the old, In With the New

  • Since traditional ankle weights were invented and patent in 1970 by Elmer L Tarbox, millions have been sold around the world.
  • In the past 46 years, many types of ankle weights are still being sold in dozens of retail stores & online
  • Over the years, ankle weights have changed in many ways, but still lack the safe tight lower leg fit that is needed to train.


  • SPEEDWRAPS will revolutionize sports training for ALL athletes.
  • An individual’s form is critical to the success of his or her training program. For this reason, SPEEDWRAPS are designed with the user’s comfort in mind.
  • Different sizes of SPEEDWRAPS guarantee a proper fit so you can focus on your workout instead of trying to figure out how you need to adjust your existing routine.