Our wearable weight technology is specifically engineered for the dynamic Movements of a variety of different athletic training and fitness programs.

Adding a minimal amount of weight to your routine creates a more balanced workout and improve speed, strength and agility at the same time.

Strength training doesn’t need to involve heavy, bulky weights. SPEEDWRAPS™ allow users to perform many repetitions while going

Through their regular athletic training program. When you’re performing high number of reps with a small amount of extra weight it targets muscular hypertrophy and improves muscular endurance. So our users become more toned but are also able to extend their performances on the field, court and track.

An individual’s form is critical to the success of their training program. That is why our products are designed with your comfort in mind. Different sizes of SPEEDWRAPS™ guarantee a proper fit so you can focus on your workout instead of trying to figure out how you need to adjust your existing routine.

Productive Training with El Toro